What is it?

A state-of-the-art mobile professional gaming controller with cooling technology.

Good points?

The X3 incorporates a thermoelectric cooler to prevent your smartphone from overheating and to maintain performance. Traditionally gamers had to decide between a cooling device and gaming controller, which creates a trade-off between functionality and running efficiency.

The device provides players with a near console-like experience thanks to the wired connection interface and a well-designed cooling case.

With a cooling area of 4,000mm (157in) squared, 128 heat transfer columns and a 7,500 revolutions per minute seven blade fan, the X3 ensures your precious smartphone is kept at a safe temperature.

Equipped with a plethora of buttons, triggers and D-pad all durable up to three million clicks, this helps to maintain the gadget’s longevity and negate the need to keep buying replacement products.

Detachable buttons allow you to swap between Microsoft Xbox and Nintendo Switch layouts which also removes the need to purchase multiple devices. This flexibility is ideal for gamers of all levels as the controller can adapt as the player’s experience grows.

You can grab the screen with a single button tap which is ideal when in the middle of gameplay and you want to capture a moment for posterity.

Bad points?

There is nothing notably wrong with the design or functionality of the device.

Best for ...

Serious Android-based gamers as the type-C USB connection will support most modern devices.

Avoid if ...

Wordle provides the extent of your gaming schedule. Those who are looking to decrease their screen time will also want to avoid this hour-killer.

Score: 9/10.

GameSir X3 Mobile Gaming Controller, £88 (gamesir.hk)