The future of a 50-year-old Scottish restaurant is 'unsure' after its owners announced plans to step down from their roles.

Bells Diner in Edinburgh has been serving burgers and steaks in the city's Stockbridge area since 1972.

Describing themselves as not just a restaurant, but an 'institution' over the years many have visited the St Stephen Street spot in search of their American-inspired menu.

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Yesterday, owners Micky and Suzie took to social media to thank customers for their support, but said that the 'time was right' for them to move on.

The statement read: "Yes folks, times up.

"Micky and Suzie are leaving the building. The institution that is Bells Diner.

"Our last service will be Saturday, March 23.

"It's been a long association (35 years for me Micky) and running it for the last 10 years with Suzie. And yes, I will probably miss it. But the time is right.

"We'd like to say a huge thank you to all our customers for all your support.

"We're unsure what the future holds for Bells Diner so make sure you get your last Bells burger fix in before we go."

The comment section beneath the post has since been filled with well-wishes from customers who are eager to share their memories of Bells Diner over the years.

One said: "Over 30 years ago, Bells was my favourite haunt.

"When I returned many years later it was like coming home.

"Thanks for all of the great meals and memories."

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Another added: "It's been our go-to place since the 70s and in the last 25 years every member of the family has celebrated their birthday at 'Bellies'.

"We're devastated, but wish you all the best." 

Bells Diner is located at 7 St Stephen Street in Edinburgh.

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