More than 6,000 people have signed a petition calling for Scotland's largest local authority to scrap plans to extend parking restrictions across the city until 10pm

Glasgow City Council's proposals were revealed in the budget papers following a deal between the SNP and Greens.

Under the plans, all of the city's 24 controlled parking areas would be restricted from 8am to 10pm, seven days a week.

Currently, six have these restrictions while the other 18 run from Monday to Friday or Monday to Saturday usually from 8am to 6pm. New rules will mean drivers will face having to pay more or buy permits to park between the extended hours.

The local authority is seeking to cut down car use an encourage more sustainable transport. It says that extending restricted hours will "provide the maximum benefit for permit holders seven days a week"

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Opposition to the plan has been strong, with people who work into the night saying they will be adversely affected . 

John Hogg, who launched the petition, said: "This will have a disastrous effect on thousands of low-paid workers working in the nighttime economy, clubs, pubs restaurants and theatre."

He continued: "This is a tax on people going to work. This will add over £7 per shift to workers' outgoings on minimum wage. This is an unjust, uncalled-for stealth tax and should be scrapped. Keep parking free after 6pm, this brings more people into the city.

"This is a step too far. The council is out of touch with the people of Glasgow.