Around 6,000 people signed a petition to scrap planned parking charges up to 10pm in Scotland's largest city within 24 hours of its launch.

A call to help the nighttime industry workers in Glasgow aiming to raise 2,000 signatures was smashed in a matter of hours.

John Hogg, who launched the petition, said: "This will have a disastrous effect on thousands of low-paid workers working in the nighttime economy, clubs, pubs restaurants and theatres."

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He continued: "This is a tax on people going to work. This will add over £7 per shift to workers' outgoings on minimum wage. This is an unjust, uncalled-for stealth tax and should be scrapped. Keep parking free after 6pm, this brings more people into the city.

"This is a step too far. The council is out of touch with the people of Glasgow.

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"People should not have to pay stealth taxes to go to work. The nighttime hospitality sector is still recovering from lockdown, which will add more burden to staff."

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He added: "I call on Glasgow City Council to scrap the upcoming 10pm parking charges in the city."

One signatory said: "The charges will have a detrimental effect on those who work within the evening hospitality industry.

Another wrote: "It's getting to the point residents can't have people visit! As a city full of flats, on-street parking is a must. People are going to sell up and leave."

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 A worker added to the 38Degrees petition: "I work at the local sports club and have to drive in and out multiple times a day with equipment etc - this is a killer - we should be able to park to work."

Currently, only North Kelvin/North Woodside, Belmont, Hillhead, Woodlands, Kelvingrove and Garnethill have extended hours up to 10pm each day.

The new move was agreed in the budget after the Scottish Greens and SNP reached a deal to support a plan.