AN entrepreneurial Scottish dentist who has designed and patented a new toothbrush that costs just £4 is on a mission to grow his business and educate people about their teeth and mouth hygiene.

The dentist, speaking during The Board You Can’t Afford segment of yesterday’s Go Radio Show, told hosts Lord Willie Haughey and Sir Tom Hunter how he had identified a gap in the market for a toothbrush designed to clean teeth next to gaps where a tooth has been removed.

“Seventy-five per cent of adults lose a tooth but it is what happens after that,” he said. “The teeth adjacent to the gap cannot be cleaned properly with current toothbrushes so there is this domino effect of disease.”

Explaining that he had been fascinated by the way in which technology in dentistry had advanced over his years as a professional dentist, he said: “In my mind, we [dentists] were fixing something that could have been prevented and I felt that something had to be done so I sold my practice and looked at a solution.

“We set up manufacturing in Glasgow and have distributed samples to dental hygienists all over the UK. It has been met with unanimous acclaim – it is what professionals have been crying out for. It is a whole new toothbrush architecture.”

Asking for his advice on growing the business, Lord Haughey suggesting a “slow burn” approach might be the best option. “It is something unique that can sell a lot,” he said. “Go to hygienists and get recommendations – sales would grow at a rate you can manage.”

Building relationships with dental practices initially in Scotland was another pointer offered by Lord Haughey who recalled a visit last year to his hygienist who had suggested he maybe wasn’t doing enough with his own dental hygiene and had taken her advice to purchase a particular type of toothbrush.

He also warned him to be prepared as “no doubt a celebrity will get their hands on one” with their recommendation resulting in a big spike in demand.