A Glasgow restaurant has set out to ‘redefine the Southeast Asian dining experience’ with the introduction of a new collaborative menu.

Born of a partnership between Scottish chef Finn Steel-Perkins and Great British Menu star, Ali Borer, Mamasan’s new Thai BBQ offering will include dishes ‘as innovative as they are delectable’, cooked over coal on a bespoke, handcrafted grill.

Drawing inspiration from their time in Southeast Asia, Australia, and Malaysia, the duo has developed a menu which ‘expands the boundaries of live fire cooking techniques incorporating Thai Cuisine’.

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The Herald: Pictured: Mamasan head chef, Finn Steel-PerkinsPictured: Mamasan head chef, Finn Steel-Perkins (Image: Supplied)

Steele-Perkins, head chef at Mamasan, said: “Cooking over fire has been at the forefront of my culinary ambitions for a very long time. 

“Having the opportunity to incorporate the knowledge and skills I have developed over the years, including with my passion for Thai cuisine, I am excited to lead my team in Scotland's first live fire Thai restaurant into its new beginnings.

“We’ve got a new custom-built fire pit taking centre stand in our kitchen, this will be the core to cooking all aspects of the menu.

“Utilising a combination of slow smoking and grilling over the fire, with a mixture of fuels such as charcoal, Holmoak wood, lemongrass and coconut to develop a real depth of flavour throughout.

“Locally sourced meats, seafood, and traditional Thai ingredients will champion our menu as we work closely with our trusted suppliers to deliver the best possible end result, to share with our diners this spring.”

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With an extensive background in fine-dining and modern cuisine, Finn Steel-Perkins has honed his craft in some of Scotland's most celebrated venues including Ka Pao and The Gannett.

The Herald: Pictured: Chef and Great British Menu Star Ali BorerPictured: Chef and Great British Menu Star Ali Borer (Image: Supplied)

His expertise is said to ‘pair seamlessly’ with Borer's focus on local, wild cookery and the culinary inspirations he has garnered from his extensive travels.

Borer, said: “I was very honoured to be asked to come up and collaborate with developing the new Thai BBQ menu at Mamasan. It’s been a great process, getting the chance to work with the talented Finn and help him streamline the offer. 

“I had a great time in the kitchen with Finn and his team and I believe this new menu will be a great addition to Glasgow.” 

The Herald: Pictured: Mamasan will introduce its new menu this springPictured: Mamasan will introduce its new menu this spring (Image: Supplied)

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The development of this new sharing-style menu signals a new direction for Mamasan as it rolls out an “elevated concept” focused on enhancing visitor experience following a £150,000 investment from Scottish entrepreneur, Brad Stevens. 

With three new pillars, Bar, BBQ and Records, this will include Scotland’s first ‘listening bar’, complete with top music programming spearheaded by DJs and tastemakers to be rolled out next month in Glasgow. 

Mamasan is located at 222 - 224 Ingram Street, Glasgow.

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