A renowned Scottish whisky writer and his World Record-breaking sons have today launched a limited edition charity whisky, with every bottle sold giving at least one person clean water for life.

In 2020, Ewan, Jamie and Lachlan Maclean became the first three brothers to row any ocean as well as the fastest and youngest trio to row across the Atlantic Ocean.

It was during their 35 days at sea that the idea to establish a charitable family foundation began to form.

The Herald: Pictured: Ewan, Jamie, Charles and Lachlan MacleanPictured: Ewan, Jamie, Charles and Lachlan Maclean (Image: Supplied)

Along with their father Charles, who is one of the Scotch whisky industry’s most respected figures, the brothers went on to found the Maclean Foundation which works to raise funds for clean water projects through ‘adventures and collaboration with the whisky industry’.

The release of the Ardnamurchan six-year-old single cask Highland malt marks the beginning of a long-term campaign, with many more Maclean Foundation whisky announcements said to be "on the horizon".

Charles Maclean MBE, said: “The Maclean Foundation is my legacy.

“This is just the beginning of a long-term partnership with the Scotch whisky industry to turn donated casks into clean water.

“The Scotch whisky industry has allowed me to make a living out of something I love, and it has made me very many friends.

“Inspired by my three sons working together, putting my knowledge and experience at the service of others to create long-term positive change is my way of saying thank you. We believe in our mission wholeheartedly.

“Big or small, every act of compassion, every act of adventure can make a change.”

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The Herald: Pictured: A total of just 243 cask strength bottles are available to purchase from todayPictured: A total of just 243 cask strength bottles are available to purchase from today (Image: Supplied)

Maclean worked with Ardnamurchan’s managing director Alex Bruce to select the cask for the whisky, which was then donated to the charity. 

A total of 243 cask strength bottles are now available to purchase from today via Royal Mile Whiskies and priced at £115 per bottle.

A limit of one per buyer has been set given the ‘expected interest’ in the release with all profits raised funding clean water projects in Madagascar.

Alex Bruce, managing director of Ardnamurchan Distillery, said: “This cask was one of the standouts of our last blending session.

“We always end up with one or two which are just too individually interesting to go into the vat.

“This is a quality limited edition produced in an ex-Bourbon cask with a seal of approval from our longstanding sensory mentor Charles Maclean, so we expect there to be high demand. 

“The boys' adventurous spirit and Charlie's considered craft is a winning combination. We’re proud to be able to support them on their journey.” 

The Herald: Pictured: The bottle features a unique wraparound label created by Edinburgh-based branding agency ContagiousPictured: The bottle features a unique wraparound label created by Edinburgh-based branding agency Contagious (Image: Supplied)

The Maclean Foundation’s first release features a unique wrap-around label created by Edinburgh-based branding agency Contagious which “allows Charlie the space to passionately articulate the story of the whisky”.

A QR code on each bottle can be scanned for further information, allowing buyers to learn about the clean water project funded by their purchase.

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The youngest Maclean brother, Lachlan, said: “Access to clean water is a basic human need, yet for many communities in rural Madagascar, it remains a luxury.

“During our visit last year, we saw first-hand the impact boreholes have on people’s lives.

“It costs £6,000 to build and maintain a clean water borehole that can serve 200 people for up to 100 years.

“Since 2009, our partner Feedback Madagascar has drilled and installed over 300 boreholes in the region through our work, we’ll continue to add to that total.  

“With each bottle sold, we’ll give people clean water for life by funding the drilling and construction of boreholes, creating long-term positive change for communities.

“Among many other things, this will transform quality of life, reducing the incidence of diarrhoeal disease.”

The whisky release is the third major fundraising initiative since the charity was launched less than a year ago.

The brothers previously completed a cycle and row to every distillery currently selling whisky in Scotland in August, while Charles Maclean raised £67,934.44 through the auction of “very rare and highly collectable” spirits including a Port Ellen from 1979 and a 36-year-old Glengoyne from the Russell Family cask. 

For more information on the Maclean Foundation, click here.