Rishi Sunak is set to lead the Conservatives to an even worse result than John Major achieved in 1997, a new mega poll has predicted.

The YouGov MRP survey for The Times also made for grim reading for the SNP, with Humza Yousaf’s party forecast to fall to 19 seats, a substantial drop on the 48 won in 2019.

The pollster said that would see Labour "comfortably" become the biggest party in Scotland.

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The detailed seat-by-seat poll also predicts that the Tories would hold onto five seats in Scotland, though the SNP would win West Aberdeenshire and Kincardine, currently held by UK Government energy minister Andrew Bowie.

Labour’s gains would come mostly at the expense of the SNP’s central belt MPs, though they are on course to pick up Na h-Eileanan an Iar, currently held by ex-SNP MP Angus Brendan McNeil.

The Lib Dems would also win five seats in Scotland, including Mid-Dunbartonshire, currently held by the SNP's Amy Callaghan who won the seat off former Liberal leader, Jo Swinson.

Across the UK, the Tories would lose 210 MPs, including 11 cabinet ministers. Chancellor Jeremy Hunt is forecast to lose his Surrey constituency.

Labour would take 41% of the vote, winning 403 seats and a majority of 154, just short of the 179 majority won by Tony Blair in 1997.

The Liberal Democrats would win 49 seats, once again becoming the third-biggest party in Westminster.

The Tory's 24% share of the national vote would translate into only 155 seats, below the 165 seats Sir John Major won in 1997.

The poll of 18,761 British adults interviewed from 7-27 March, suggests Rishi Sunak is failing to make any headway against Labour while also losing support on the right to Reform UK.

The party founded by Nigel Farage is on 12% of the vote.

The YouGov is the third MRP poll in less than a week to show Mr Sunak facing a torrid night and will add pressure on the beleaguered Prime Minister.

However, the SNP’s results have been less consistent.

On Sunday, Survation had the party on 41 seats, while on Monday Electoral Calculus suggested they would win 32, far more than the 19 predicted by YouGov.

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Scottish Labour Deputy Leader Jackie Baillie said “After years of division and decline under both the SNP and the Tories, Scotland is crying out for change.

“Across the UK, voters are getting ready to kick out this rotten Tory government and here in Scotland we can lead the way in making that happen.

“Labour is taking nothing for granted and we will continue working tirelessly to earn voters’ trust.

“Change is possible and Labour is ready to deliver it, with our plan to make work pay, cut bills, renew public services and strengthen our economy.”