The partnership behind the world’s first whisky auction dedicated to recognising the achievements and contributions of women in the sector is hoping to inspire future generations of talent.

Hosted by leading online whisky and spirits platform, Whisky Auctioneer, the collaborative project with OurWhisky Foundation has offered whisky enthusiasts and collectors from around the world to acquire rare bottles while supporting a worthy cause.

Named after the Greek goddess of grain, The Demeter Collection is comprised of a curated selection of unique releases, all of which have been “crafted and inspired by the industry's most talented women”.

The Herald: Pictured: The Demeter collection is named after the Greek goddess of grainPictured: The Demeter collection is named after the Greek goddess of grain (Image: Supplied)

Joe Wilson, head curator and spirits specialist at Whisky Auctioneer, said: “Historically, our industry has lacked diversity, and that’s something we’re determined to change.

“To that end, we have been delighted to witness the incredible achievements of The OurWhisky Foundation and are thrilled to host this auction and shine a spotlight on the stories of women within our industry. “

“The Demeter Collection is an exciting group of one-of-a-kind and collectable bottlings from very diverse distilleries.

“Our hope is that this auction will not only catch the attention of enthusiasts and collectors worldwide to raise important funds for The OurWhisky Foundation but also inspire current and future generations of women in whisky.”

The OurWhisky Foundation a non-profit organisation dedicated to supporting, recognising and empowering professional women in whisky across the globe while advocating for a more inclusive and diverse industry

In August last year, the foundation made history by publishing the first-ever global survey of women working in the whisky sector.

The ‘sobering’ findings of the ‘Do You Even Like Whisky’ report revealed “widespread examples of unconscious bias” and “micro-aggressions” against women, which it said could “build up over time to have a devastating impact”.

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Furthermore, more than 80% of respondents making, selling and promoting whisky reported being asked by both colleagues and consumers if they “even like the spirit”, with 89% agreeing that consumers still widely perceive whisky to be a man’s drink.

The Herald: Pictured: OurWhisky founder Becky PaskinPictured: OurWhisky founder Becky Paskin (Image: Supplied)

Becky Paskin, founder of the OurWhisky Foundation, said: “Despite her important role within Greek mythology, Demeter remains one of the lesser-known of the Olympians, her story largely untold in popular culture.

“Yet her heroic tale of overcoming obstacles to support her daughter, all while sharing her knowledge and wisdom with others, embodies many similar values as the OurWhisky Foundation.

“Just like Demeter’s sidelining in pop culture, women’s contributions to whisky have been vastly under-recognised.

“Through the Demeter Collection we want to honour the grain goddess and tell the untold stories of women in whisky, while raising much-needed funds to enable the OurWhisky Foundation to support, recognise and empower future generations of women in the industry.”

A total of 18 lots have been included in Whisky Auctioneer’s auction which concludes today, Monday, April 8.

Funds raised from the auction, including Whisky Auctioneer’s buyer’s fees, will be donated to the OurWhisky Foundation in support of its work providing initiatives and projects that support women working in whisky.

 Highlights include an exclusive 31-year-old blend from House of Hazelwood, The Loch Lomond Sonata Collection, a 44-year-old commemorative bottling of Dalmore celebrating whisky maker Margaret Nicol’s 50th anniversary, a 20 year old Ardbeg created by master blender Gillian Macdonald to celebrate 20 years in the industry and an inaugural cask release from Cooper King distillery.

The Herald: Pictured: The collection features a selection of unique releasesPictured: The collection features a selection of unique releases (Image: Supplied)

Also featured is the first whisky released by the OurWhisky Foundation, created exclusively for the fundraising Demeter Collection.

Atonia's Legacy: The Sarah Burgess Edition has been crafted by The Lakes Distillery whisky maker Sarah Burgess using special whiskies hand-selected by mentees from the foundation's renowned mentorship programme.

Burgess said: “Leaning on the whiskies selected by mentees I chose some older stocks for a leathery sense of age, which reflects the journey of maturity and growth that happens to people through the Mentorship Programme, alongside whiskies with a fresh sweetness and subtle smoke.

“I was delighted to spend a few hours creating a blend that fetches some money at auction for the OurWhisky Foundation and I’d never say no to a cause I believe in. It’s a fantastic organisation but it doesn’t run on fresh air; it needs money to continue to operate.”

Following the inaugural auction, the Demeter Collection will be held every two years with all proceeds donated to the OurWhisky Foundation.

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