A Scottish fine dining restaurant previously recognised by the Michelin Guide has been reinvented as a casual brunch café under new ownership.

Located in a 19th century townhouse in Glasgow's East End, Bilson Eleven opened in late 2016 and under the leadership of chef Nick Rietz became known as one of the city's most exciting tasting menu experiences. 

The Herald's food critic Ron Mackenna twice visited the venue, scoring it highly for service, great cooking and 'intimate, classy setting'. 

He said: "Flawlessly Scottish fine dining ingredients.

"Remarkably rare in a country where lip-service is all that’s usually paid to them."

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The Herald: Pictured: Nick Rietz of Bilson ElevenPictured: Nick Rietz of Bilson Eleven (Image: newsquest)

Last year, Rietz spoke with the Herald to explain the decision to removed farmed meats from his tasting menus, instead serving only Scottish venison, game and seafood in an effort to reduce the restaurant's carbon footprint.

“I think we all came out the other side of covid wanting to be a better version of ourselves," he said.

 "For me, that meant evaluating how sustainably we were running the restaurant."

It has this month been confirmed that Bilson Eleven is no longer being operating as a fine dining restaurant, and has now been renamed as Bilson's Café Bistro.

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The Herald:

A statement posted on social media reads: "What happened to Bilson Eleven?

"It was always going to be a challenge - fine dining in Glasgow's east end, but we carried on regardless. Covid was the start of new challenges, and we powered on.

"Then the cost of living, business rates, the hike in energy costs to name, but a few meant we'd nothing left to give and couldn't carry on.

"We needed to change direction to adapt to the world we are living in and cater more to what everyone wants -  breakfast brunch and lunch -  casual and affordable.

"Under new ownership but with the same amazing chef, Bilson's Café Bistro was born."

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Now on the menu at Bilson's Café Bistro is a selection of dishes ranging from French toast with Birch syrup or vegan breakfast muffins to loaded skillets with BBQ beef cheek and gnocchi, potato raclette and smoked haddock.

Alongside soft drinks and coffees are cocktails, beers wines and spirits.

Bilson's is located at 10 Annfield Place in Glasgow.

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