A world-famous Scotch whisky brand is continuing its 200th anniversary celebrations this week with the launch of a multi-year Cirque du Soleil collaboration.

The Herald previously reported The Macallan’s plans to partner with the circus arts and entertainment group for a bespoke theatrical performance inspired by the Scottish Highlands.

The world premiere of the show, named Cirque du Soleil Spirit, was hosted today, May 9 at The Macallan Estate as guests were invited to discover a “fantastical world” created by a cast assembled from the USA, UK, China, Spain, Canada, Finland, Malaysia, Cambodia and Africa.

The Herald: Pictured: World-class performers will today perform their first show at the Macallan EstatePictured: World-class performers will today perform their first show at the Macallan Estate (Image: Supplied)

Their talents, including hair suspension, tightwires, contortion, cyr wheel, tight wire, juggling, hoop diving, bagpipes and flamenco dancing, are all used to tell a tale of Speyside’s rich history.

Marie-Hélène Delage, creative director at Cirque du Soleil, said: “Cirque du Soleil Spirit is a spectacular collaboration based on mutual respect.

“Through harmony paralleled with nature and storytelling, we've forged a collaboration that highlights the strengths of both of our brands.

“With this invitation, we're welcoming guests to an unforgettable experience in the timeless beauty of The Macallan Estate.

“Together, we've written a tale that celebrates the beauty, wonder and deep connection we all share with the natural world.”   

The Herald: Pictured: The show includes hair suspension, tightwires, contortionists and many more exciting stuntsPictured: The show includes hair suspension, tightwires, contortionists and many more exciting stunts (Image: Supplied)

The immersive experience, taking guests on “a journey through sight, taste, smell and sound” tells the story of Davonna, a fierce spiritual guardian of the Scottish Highlands, and a young colourist named Ayla. 

The daughter of a master whisky maker, Ayla has striven for years to recreate an elusive shade of red that reminds her of her father and the red chalk he would use in his work.

Davonna leads their venture deep into the majestic natural landscapes of the realm and through a series of encounters with fantastical folkloric figures along the way, which culminates in a reconnection with nature.

The experience will now run from Monday to Saturday every week until Friday, May 31 with a limited number of tickets still available to purchase from £200 per person.

Each ticket guarantees access to the sensory experience, one cocktail, one dram and the opportunity to visit The Macallan Bar.

Jaume Ferràs, creative director at The Macallan, said: “2024 marks a momentous year for The Macallan, celebrating our 200 Years Young mark.

“This collaboration brings two iconic brands together, both dedicated to constant innovation; resulting in a one-of-a-kind experience which is uniquely inspired by the Highlands and the story of our brand so far.

“Bridging the gap between the art of whisky making and the spectacle of performing arts, creating an unforgettable experience that is deeply rooted in the nature that surrounds us at The Macallan, our rich history, and our bold vision for the future.

“We’re welcoming guests from all over the world to our Estate for the launch of this spectacular experience, offering them the opportunity for a breathtaking performance and a bespoke whisky-tasting experience, all unique to The Macallan.” 

The rural landscape of the 485-acre Macallan Estate is said to offer a unique setting for the event that ‘complements its overarching narrative'.

Event organisers said: “Beyond the entertainment, the collaboration carries a vital environmental message.

“It serves as a love letter to the sublime landscapes of the Scottish Highlands, emphasizing the need to reconnect with nature and fostering a sense of wonder and responsibility towards protecting natural landscapes.”

The Herald: Pictured: The Macallan Distillery on the 485-acre Macallan Estate Pictured: The Macallan Distillery on the 485-acre Macallan Estate (Image: Supplied)

Designed by internationally acclaimed architects and built in 2018, The Macallan’s Distillery is located within the Speyside estate.

During the Herald’s Scotland and Alcohol series earlier this year, it was reported that Scotland’s 70-plus whisky visitor centres, including the Macallan Distillery, had collectively become the country’s top visitor attraction in 2022 with two million people passing through their doors.

Graeme Littlejohn, director of strategy and communications at the Scotch Whisky Association, said: “Whisky is vital – it’s central – to Scotland’s tourism offering.

“Two out of every three visitors to Scotland will go to a Scotch whisky attraction, and that is the window upon which Scotland is seen by many tourists from around the world.

“The Macallan, which is in its 200th anniversary year, you are noticing the transformation of The Macallan estate – there’s lots of different things that are happening up there.

“The whole experience of a tour in a distillery now is much more inclusive.”

For more information on The Macallan and Cirque du Soleil Spirit experience, click here.