Rescuers are searching for a loving home for possibly the most unwanted dog in Glasgow. 

Jack the Staffordshire Bull Terrier is one of the longest running residents at the city's Dogs Trust centre, having spent almost three years waiting to be chosen. 

The 10-year-old dog, who is named after the Still Game character, is described as an "absolute joy" who has "dazzling charm" and a "comical character". 

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Rehabilitation trainer Greg Kennedy has formed a close bond with Jack and organises overnight stays for the Staffie at his own home. 

He said: “Jack is an absolute one off. He never fails to put a smile on my face, and he is loved by our entire team at Glasgow.

Jack cheering on the Scotland team for the Euros (Image: Dogs Trust)

"He is super smart and enjoys learning and is full of fun with a cheeky glint in his eye.  When Jack meets his special someone, I have no doubt they will be able to enjoy lots of rascally antics together just like Jack and Victor.   
“Jack adores lounging on the sofa so when an armchair was donated to the rehoming centre, we knew exactly where it was going, and he has put it to good use in his kennel ever since. When Jack first stayed with me it was no surprise to learn he loves sofa surfing.

"He also loves looking out the window, watching the world go by.  One thing however he doesn’t love is the rain so he will sit at the back door and watch the rain rather than go out in it.  

"Being at home with Jack is an absolute joy as he is such a wonderful dog to have around, and you are never short of company with Jack about. 

Jack celebrating his birthdayJack celebrating his birthday (Image: Dogs Trust)
“I simply cannot wait for the day when Jack goes to his forever home. I will miss seeing him every day, but a loving home is what we want for all our dogs, and it will be one very lucky person who gets to share their life and sofa with our charismatic boy.” 

Jack is looking to be the only pet in his new home. He can be worried about other dogs so would prefer to be walked in quiet areas. 
A home with a secure garden when he can play before retiring to his favourite spot on the sofa will make Jack "one very happy boy", rescuers say. 
Find out more about Jack and the other dogs available to be rescued on the Glasgow Dogs Trust website