Chillingly creative

MARYHILL singer Donovan was part of the psychedelic slew of musicians who made the 60s such a hippy, trippy, deeply dippy decade.

So it’s perhaps unsurprising that he’s teamed up with surrealist movie director David Lynch.

But is Lynch too wacky even for Donovan? This is the chap, after all, who is rumoured to keep a dead rat in his fridge for inspiration.

The Diary, meanwhile, believes that margarine in the fridge is much more stimulating for the creative mind.

And, unlike a deceased rodent, it has the added benefit that you can spread it on toast.


ON the subject of the surreal, it appears that the citizens of Muirend have decided to dilly-dally inside the mind of Salvador Dali.

Local chap Bill Harvey witnessed the peculiar sight of a group of elderly residents whose wobbly bits were sloshing about in Spandex as they gasped and groaned their way through an exercise class in a gym carpark.

“If the keep-fit crew are impinging on the territory of cars,” says Bill, “shouldn’t the cars be allowed into the human fiefdom of the gym? I’m sure the BMWs and Minis would love a shot on the running machines.”

Winging it

ANOTHER tale of flighty fellows. Bob McGregor from Aberdeen was told by airline staff that there was once a pilot who entered planes he was booked to fly wearing a trench coat. He then sat in the rear of the cabin. When the plane door closed for take off and nothing happened, he would jump out his seat and storm up the aisle, declaring to the alarm of the passengers: “If nobody’s going to fly the plane, I’ll do it myself.”

Brought to book

LATEST government health advice reminds a Lanarkshire reader of a static caravan holiday he endured on a Sabbath-observant island. No newspapers, poor TV reception, wind and rain aplenty. Though he did unearth a book which, to his delight and anticipation, was named How to Hug.

He was crestfallen to discover it was an overdue library book that was one volume of an encyclopaedia.

Being mindful

WE recently inquired if an ordained minister has an altar ego. A Bishopbriggs reader adds to the mystery by asking: “Does a quadruped have a halter ego?”

Green for go

“I need to visit the garden centre so I can grow my own herbs,” admits reader Pete Miller. “I've been living on borrowed thyme.”

Dusty memories

NOSTALGIC reader Martina Long says: “You know you’re old when you dust to the music you once danced to.”

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