Comedian Janey Godley has revealed she is cancer free after being cleared of the disease following treatment.  

In a heartfelt message to fans on social media, the Scots comic thanked everyone who had supported her and shed tears of gratitude for the help she had received. 

She said the NHS had “saved her life”.  

Ms Godley revealed late last year that she had contracted ovarian cancer after she cut short a tour of Scotland.  

The comedian was treated at the specialist Beatson Oncology Unit in Glasgow, and underwent a hysterectomy as well as rounds of Chemotherapy.  

But she has now been given the all-clear, although she remains on medication to prevent the cancer returning.  

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Ms Godley said:   “I’ve just had the phone call from the cancer specialist and the scan has came back clear. There is no evidence of disease.   

“So after a hysterectomy and six rounds of chemo, and a blood transfusion, it looks as though the NHS has saved my life.”  

“I want to thank everyone at the Beatson cancer care and everybody in the NHS who looked after me, and my wee pal Shirley who looked after me when I came out [from hospital] with the hysterectomy." 

The pro-Scottish independence comedian found viral fame with her dubbed pastiches of Scotland First Minister Nicola Sturgeon’s coronavirus news briefings during the pandemic. 

She featured in Scottish Government coronavirus adverts, but they were pulled after offensive tweets by her came to light following an investigation by the Daily Beast website. 

The news broke soon after the Covid-19 ads featuring Ms Godley, for which she was paid £12,000, were released. 

Godley profusely apologised for the tweets and donated the fee she was paid by the Scottish Government to charity. 

In her all-clear message, she added: “It’s been quite an emotional day. But as it stands, the scan is clear. I want to thank everybody who supported me, everybody who sent me love - everybody who sent me so much strength and told me they were thinking of me.   

“You’ve no idea. And everybody who knitted me these hats [Ms Godley lost her hair during treatment] and sent me hats as well.  

“My cup is full with gratefulness. Thank you so much everybody. Thank you.”