Parts of Scotland seeing a noticeable drop in temperatures as a cold front makes its way down from the north, the Met Office has said. 

While much of the UK will enjoy a warm bank holiday, cold air will linger north of the border with temperatures struggling to get into double figures. 

There will aos be a risk of showers and possible thunderstorms.

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After a chilly start, the Met Office said “drier conditions are expected to develop across the west, whilst showers become concentrated across eastern areas”.

Forecaster Ben Rich said: “There are some further showers in the forecast for bank holiday Monday, but equally some spells of sunshine.

“Many of us will again feel relatively warm, particularly in the sunshine, but northern parts, particularly Scotland will start to turn rather chilly.”

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The west of the country will see the best of the conditions with scattered showers, some of which could be heavy and thundery.

“Across England and Wales we are going to see some spells of sunshine,” said Mr Rich. “West Wales and the south west of England are not seeing too many showers, Northern Ireland brightens up through the afternoon with some spells of sunshine.

“Most of us will see temperatures between 14 and 17C but through the afternoon those temperatures will be dropping across the northern half of Scotland.”

That drop in temperatures means a chilly start for many on Tuesday but most places will remain dry.

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Tuesday and Wednesday look like they will be mainly dry with bright and sunny spells across the UK before rain and more unsettled weather could start to push up from the south and west from Thursday as the nation heads towards the coronation weekend.

Early indications for Saturday suggest a mix of sunshine and showers, occasionally heavy in London with a top temperature around 20C.