Drawing inspiration from the wild, natural larder that Skye has to offer, Café Cùil uses locally-sourced, sustainable produce combined with traditional ingredients to give its own refreshing take on brunch and lunch.

Clare Coghill, chef-owner said: "Mackerel is one of the most abundant fish in Scotland, making it a much more sustainable option than smoked salmon.

"It's also very high in vitamins such as B12 and omega 3, making it a super healthy breakfast option. 

"Kick off spring with this creamy smoked mackerel on sourdough, with its zingy lemon, cool mint, tart blood orange and aniseedy fennel providing a perfectly refreshing start to your day."


2 x smoked mackerel fillets (skin removed & bones put aside) 

2 x slices of sourdough 

1 x tbsp mascarpone 

1 x tbsp mayo 

1 x squeeze of half a lemon & rind 

1 x sprig mint 

1 x handful flat leaf parsley 

50g pea shoots 

1 x blood orange (peeled and cut into segments) 

1 x fennel bulb, thinly sliced 

1 splash vinegar

1 x tsp white sugar 

1 x tsp salt


For the mackerel mix, flake the smoked fish apart into a bowl, and add the mascarpone, mayonnaise & lemon juice and whip well with a spoon until smooth. Finely dice the mint & parsley and fold into the mix. Mackerel is full of healthy oils, so no need to add any olive oil into this mixture. 

For the pea shoot salad, thinly slice the fennel bulb and toss with vinegar, salt & sugar. Set aside and mix your pea shoots, segmented orange & olive oil in a bowl, then add in the pickled fennel. 

Toast the sourdough

To serve, spread the mackerel mix onto the sourdough toast, then top with your salad mix.

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