They graced the living rooms of fans for five years and now the stars of Downtown Abbey are set to hit the big screen with the release of their much-anticipated movie.

Where did we leave the cast?

The sixth season of the show saw most of the characters coming to terms with the fact that their way of life was changing.

Lord Robert's health came into question throughout the final season as he suffered from a stomach ulcer.

Mary and Branson also took over much of the running of the Downton estate to remove stress from Robert.

Lady Edith finally got her happy ending with Bertie Pelham while sister, Lady Mary, found happiness with Henry Talbot with whom she was expecting a baby.

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What will the film be about?

Dame Maggie Smith, Michelle Dockery and Hugh Bonneville bring the band back together to tell the tale of the Crawleys and their servants who kept audiences rapt over their love affairs, tantrums and tragedies.

The film picks up in 1927, after the TV series ended its six-season run in 1925.

The plot centres on the visit of King George V and Queen Mary to Downton and the Crawley's preparation.

Noses are put out of joint when court staff attempt to take over below stairs as the household rallies to host the Royals.

Writer Julian Fellowes says the idea for the film came from a true story about the King and Queen Mary visiting South Yorkshire in 1912.

Expect the big reveals, shocks and intrigue that characterised the TV series.

When will it be released?

The two hour and 3-minute movie will be released in the UK on September 13. The series was a global phenomenon and the film will be shown in 58 countries including Japan, Egypt and the US.

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Will the original cast feature?

Of course, there would be uproar if Lady Mary et al didn't return.

Michelle Dockery as Lady Mary, Elizabeth McGovern as Cora, Laura Carmichael as Lady Edith, Jim Carter as Carson, and Hugh Bonneville as Robert Crawley are all back.

A fan favourite for her cutting remarks and feisty attitude, Dame Maggie Smith returns as the Dowager Countess, Violet Crawley.

No one will be surprised that she continues to deliver put downs and backhanded compliments with the usual aplomb.

Are there any new characters?

Introducing Simon Jones as King George V and Geraldine James as Queen Mary. Imelda Staunton joins the cast as Lady Bagshaw, a cousin of the Dowager Countess’s late husband.

Where was it filmed?

The majestic Highclere Castle in Berkshire reprises its role as Downtown Abbey and much of the movie was filmed at the famous Shepperton Studios in Surrey.

Wrotham Park in Hertfordshire was substituted for the interiors of Buckingham Palace while the Beamish Museum County Durham served as Downtown village.