Fear unleashed

ANOTHER flight of fancy from reader Doug Maughan, who continues to recall his adventurous career as a pilot. Doug tells us that planes used to make brief refuelling stops on long journeys. On one occasion a blind man and his dog were in the cabin, which is entirely legal.

The captain decided to take the dog for a short walk while the aircraft was being refuelled. Which was kind of him. Though you can imagine the consternation amongst passengers with a window seat, who spied their pilot wearing dark glasses while walking round the aircraft clutching the harness of a guide dog…

Wondrous waistcoat

LINE of Duty, starring Greenock thespian Martin Compston, has been the smash hit of the TV season. National Museums Scotland were most impressed with Martin’s performance, and on social media they admit that they would rather like to display one of the iconic waistcoats he wore with such aplomb on the show.

And here was the Diary assuming that museums could only display ancient artifacts, such as brontosaurus bones. Or the original school blazer worn by wee Jimmy Krankie.

Place settings

GLOBE-TROTTING John Dunlop once gave a talk about Scotland to his grandson’s nursery class in New York State. Our reader asked the youngsters if any of their grandparents came from another country. One little hand shot into the air, and an eager voice yelled: “My Grandpa is from Minnesota!”

(PS: And, yes, of course all the children’s mums thought our correspondent was Irish.)

Dust screen

DO we live in a world of safety-swaddling, mollycoddling mums and dads, wonders Perth comedian Joe Heenan? “I gave my 10-year-old son a big row for not wearing his helmet when he was out riding his bike,” says Joe. “Then I remembered when I was his age I would spend all day with my mates playing in a disused, crumbling asbestos factory.”

Racy thought

PHILOSOPHICAL reader Joanna Brett says: “The moral of the Tortoise and the Hare is not ‘slow and steady wins the race’. It’s ‘big-eared carrot addict shouldn’t blow his lead by showing off’.”

Global game

THE chaotic scenes in Manchester at the weekend were unacceptable, believes reader Bob Jamieson, who adds: “The actions of a few hundred Man United fans ruined the match for the 700 million proper supporters in Asia.”

Food for thought

DAFT comment of the day is supplied by reader Rab Fulton. “I used to wonder if Elton John liked lettuce,” he says. “Then I realised he was a rocket man.”

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