Food for thought

WHEN reader Tricia Fulford was an undergraduate at St Andrews University she shared a flat with a posh girl from London called Daisy.

Daisy had plenty of spending cash, courtesy of her generous parents, and she never prepared a meal for herself, preferring to dine out for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Once, our reader attempted to persuade Daisy to try cooking for herself.

Daisy responded by devising the following list, which she later hung in the kitchen, as a reminder to herself of the advantages and disadvantages of such a radical policy.

Pros & Cons of Cooking Food

Pros: Food.

Cons: Cooking.

(Daisy never did get round to preparing her own meals.)

Reaping the rewards

USEFUL advice about extending your lifespan from reader Arnold Garner: “If the Grim Reaper knocks on your front door, fend him off with a vacuum cleaner. Dyson with death may be your only chance…”

Crispy country

SCOTLAND’S reputation as the world’s fine dining capital has been boosted by a Bellshill eatery’s introduction of a delicacy called the rice and curry meat roll. Essentially it’s a massive deep fried ball, packed with chicken, rice and curry sauce.

Reader Craig Johnson suggests our nation shouldn’t rest on its laurels after such a culinary triumph.

“Isn’t it time we stopped being coy about our favourite passion?” he says. “Let’s cover our entire land mass, from the Borders to John O’Groats, in a layer of crispy batter.”

Vivacious on vino

RELAXING with his wife in an Edinburgh wine bar, reader Ted Plimpton overheard a couple at a nearby table arguing.

The woman ordered a bottle of wine, leading her chap to suggest that they had both had enough vino already.

“Well,” said the lady, as the cork was pulled, “You’re always telling me not to bottle things up…”

Black magic woman

WE’RE updating children’s books after The Tiger Who Came To Tea came under fire from a Scottish charity who criticised its lack of a woke ideology. Reader Mike Bennet suggests a C.S. Lewis classic should be re-titled: The Lion, The Woman With Alternative, Though Perfectly Acceptable Pagan Religious Beliefs and The Wardrobe.

Artful suggestion

CURIOUS Stevie Campbell from Hamilton wonders if it’s true that when students at Glasgow School of Art approached the board asking for information about the future of the fire damaged building they were told to: "Draw their own conclusions."

Holy holler

QUESTION of the day from reader Paul Murphy: “If I yelled into a colander would that strain my voice?”