Glasgow City’s Council’s plan to increase parking fees and extend the time limit of parking restrictions to 10pm has been met with widespread opposition, including a petition that has been signed by thousands of people. 

Earlier this week, Herald columnist Mark Smith wrote about the people who will be most badly hit. 

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Today, one of our readers takes an angry swipe at the council’s policies. 

William Gold of Glasgow writes: 

"Mark Smith sums up Glasgow City Council as 'exasperating … tone deaf'. I must commend him for his avoidance of stronger, possibly unprintable language. 

"Who could fail to be angered by the latest anti-business idea from a council which has been complicit in turning a once-vibrant city centre into a litter-strewn landscape of closed and graffitied shutters?

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"The hospitality industry, be it theatres, cinemas, galleries, night clubs, bars or some of the country's finest restaurants, will see the council's plan to extend parking restrictions to 10pm citywide as the final insult, the coup de grâce in the war the SNP/Green alliance seems to be waging on city centre businesses.

"As for the council advice to 'use sustainable transport' is that the expensive and unreliable buses, the often cancelled and always late trains, our subway that shuts up shop at 10.4 pm and at 6.30 on a Sunday evening or perhaps the dwindling number of black cabs? 

"Our city surely deserves better than this."