Carry on cabby

A TALE of music and motion.

Back in the 1980s reader Phil Reilly drove a black taxi cab, and was based in Glasgow city centre.

At the time there was a fabled fellow cabby who loved 70s rock music, especially the oeuvre of Stevie Nicks, Lindsey Buckingham, Mick Fleetwood, not forgetting John and Christine McVie.

This chap played his favourite tunes loud and incessantly in his cab, usually singing along. He wouldn’t turn the volume down a notch, even when he had a passenger.

Perhaps inevitably his colleagues referred to him as Fleetwood Hack.


Poor things

LIFE was harsh in the bad old days.

Reader Jack Pollard tells us his father grew up painfully poor in a working-class district of Aberdeen where everyone struggled to make ends meet.

“You could tell the folk who were rich in our street,” Jack’s father once recalled. “They put their bins out every week. Which meant they had stuff to throw away.”


Feeling listless

“I’VE been crossing things off my ‘to do’ list,” says proud reader Eleanor Bradford. “I didn’t do them. I just don’t want them on my list any more.”


Eras error

THE Diary is still recovering from the Taylor Swift concerts that shook Scotland to its pop music core.

With a sense of bitter resignation, our team of reporters have dumped their tinsel miniskirts and cowboy hats in the office wardrobe, knowing that we will only get the chance to wear them again when the Diary Editor pops his clogs and we attend his wake.

Meanwhile, reader Robert Menzies claims it was a mistake to stage Taylor’s Eras Tour in Edinburgh’s Murrayfield Stadium rather than Glasgow’s Hampden Park.

“Can’t help wondering,” says Robert, “if this was simply to prevent Weegies pointing at the old stadium and saying: ‘Erra Eras.’"

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Dry humour

THE Diary reported that Glasgow is holding an alcohol-free music festival, which will limit the type of songs that can be performed.

Reader Linda Chapman says: “They can play The Housemartins hit Happy Hour. But they’ll have to change the title to Unhappy Hour.”


Musical mauling

LET’S play a game.

Reader Matt Simmons wants us to ruin famous bands or singers by adding just one letter to their name.

Matt gets the ball rolling by slowing down the success of a famous rock group.

So grungy grunters Nine Inch Nails become… Nine Inch Snails.


In-sight-ful comment

DEPRESSED reader Megan Rutherford tells us: “Being told I was colour blind came right out of the purple.”