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I’ve said it more than once, and I’ll likely say it many times again.

The Bear has got to be some of the best TV of the decade so far.

Out of nowhere in 2022, this Chicago-based series burst onto streaming services in a flurry of ‘yes chefs’ and ‘cousins’, increasing our blood pressure and striking the exact same chord with anyone and everyone who has ever worked in a restaurant environment.

It’s endearing, emotional and best of all: it's total and utter food porn.

Be it Sydney’s famous butter-brushed omelette from season two or those very first hot beef sandwiches sauced by Carmy in series one, the show’s creators know exactly how to kick cravings into high gear with their camera work.

So, when an invitation to celebrate the upcoming launch of series three with Taste Film and Disney+ event in Glasgow landed in my inbox last week you can bet it was accepted faster than you could say ‘behind, chef’.

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I’ve written about these kinds of events before, specifically last year when Kyloe in Edinburgh restarted their foodie film club with Goodfellas.

The idea here is to create an immersive experience that allows you to eat along with your favourite characters or indulge in a dish that’s been inspired by the action on screen.

With news of Taste Film launching its events in Edinburgh soon, this evening offered a preview of what we can expect as press and a few giveaway winners were invited to take their seats in front of a larger projector screen that’s been erected in Hazel at the AC Marriott.

As the first of four episodes whirrs into motion on screen, our plates are delivered by waiting staff in branded aprons, who do an excellent job of weaving between tables while causing minimal distraction.

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It’s pulled mushroom brisket first as we’re welcomed back to the dysfunctional restaurant, followed by beef tenderloin and then a trio of risotto, ramen and pea tortellini while Sydney takes on a culinary tour of Chicago before the night draws to a close with panna cotta as Marcus masters fine dining in Copenhagen.

But do these real-life recreations live up to expectations?

(Image: Newsquest)
Well… not quite.

A watery ramen broth that lacking in flavour would surely see you banished from Carmy’s kitchen, and it’s hard to imagine the panna cotta without even a hint of the all-important wobble would make it to the pass in a Michelin-starred kitchen.

Some elements are on the other hand real winners, mainly that tender beef with cherry vinegar dressing and a short rib risotto that’s just salty and comforting as it should be.

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Most importantly though, the atmosphere throughout the evening is electric, with the anticipation of each course adding a whole new dimension to a show I’m certain that each audience will have already seen as many times as I have.

Sure, the execution was a little off, but as the final credits of our series two recap roll, there’s not one person who leaves their seat discussing anything other than how brilliant The Bear is.

The countdown to series three is well and truly on, chef.

The Bear series three will be available to stream on Disney+ from Thursday, June 27.

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