It is seven years since Britain held a vote to leave the EU, and the issue is still far from settled.  

Brexit has seen UK Governments rise and fall, with chief architect Boris Johnson now disappearing into the rear view mirror as Rishi Sunak plots a course without him.  

Sir Keir Starmer has flipped from advocating for the EU to backing the decision to leave, while the SNP have stuck to their guns and now count rejoining among the chief weapons in their arsenal as they fight for Scottish independence.  

This morning Former Finance Minister Kate Forbes put the UK’s current high inflation woes directly on the doorstep of Brexit, while economists have long warned of the long-term damage to the country’s finances.  

On balance, Tory MP Jacob-Reese Mogg has said there will be benefits, but they make take years to bear fruit.  

The Herald wants to know where our readers stand on the issue: Have you changed your mind, or would your vote stay the same if a fresh referendum was held tomorrow?  

The Herald is at the forefront of all major news stories, and Brexit is no different. Here’s a selection of our latest articles and opinion pieces on the issue: 

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One thing is sure – the debate around Brexit is sure to rumble on. And the Herald will continue to provide full coverage from breaking news to analysis and opinion on all the latest developments.