IT was a moment that has lived long in the memory of their supporters, and will likely do so for some time to come. Every time Celtic travel to Dingwall to face Ross County, THAT goal from Anthony Ralston is never far away from their thoughts.

The consequences of the full back’s late, late headed winner that night were not just seismic in terms of Ange Postecoglou’s reign at the club, and in that season’s title race. But the ripples from that moment still have an impact on the Celtic players to this day.

Take Wednesday night, for example. Celtic were being held at home by a brilliantly organised and hugely energetic St Mirren side, with the clock ticking down and the Celtic Park natives getting restless.

But having managed to carve out late goals of such importance by sticking to their game plan in the past, the Celtic players were never going to start going direct, shelling balls forward early or hitting hopeful crosses in from any old part of the pitch.

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Instead, they continued to relentlessly pass their way through their phases, and their faith was rewarded as Oh Hyeon-gyu eventually hit a priceless winner. And Joe Hart says that the genesis of that steadfast belief in their football can be traced back to Ralston, and that night in the Highlands two years ago.

“That was a special moment in my time here,” said Hart.

“It brings me fond memories, one because we won so late, and two, because it was Tony.

“Knowing what had gone on with him maybe not having so much security at the club, then Ange coming in and him being superb. It was a great moment.

“It was still us playing our football. It wasn’t us just hoofing it into the box, even with 10 men after Carl Starfelt got sent off.

“I remember the build up to get the ball to the back post for Tony to score.

“Sometimes it still needs something special like someone smashing it in. Hopefully it won’t come to that again, but if it does, we know we have it in our locker.

“It was a good moment. The manager at the time was very pleased with how we went about it and kept our cool. It helped us realise doing that will help us create chances.

“Are those the games that win leagues? It is when you look back on it.

“Maybe that would be the case [we would start punting long balls] if we were new to the game, but we have an experience coaching staff and players.

“They relay the message. Even me as a senior pro it’s good to hear them telling us to keep calm and trust in what we do. That becomes clear on the pitch.

“There are people with so much love and affection for the team, they just want us to win. You understand them getting a bit restless and wanting to see the ball closer to the goal.

“That’s why we are pros though, we stick to what we are doing and keep the faith.”

They probably could have done without an overnight in the Highlands prior to a trip to face Atletico Madrid on Champions League duty on Tuesday, mind you. Not that Hart is allowing the hectic schedule, in terms of both the regularity of fixtures and the travelling involved to get to them, to become a pre-emptive excuse to explain away any slip ups.

“What can you do?” he said.

“The point has been made many, many times. This is a billion-pound industry we work in when it comes to TV rights and all that stuff.

“It’s above my head. I just want to be as available. I’m sure in years to come when I’m not a player, I might be part of those conversations and trying to help with things to come.

“Right now, I’m a soldier. Whatever time they tell me to kick off, I’ll be ready for it.

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“I just try to put myself in the best position to be available and to help the team. If that means I’m on the pitch then so be it, if not, I’ll try my best to help in other ways.

“I try to keep myself as physically fit and mentally focused as I can possibly can. It’s put me on good stead so far.

“It just is what it is. It’s how you feel. You get the help from the support staff and it’s about resting when you are at home.”

Hart has been pleased by his improving ratio of penalty saves this season, keeping two out so far, but he says he may well be able to be an unconventional solution to Celtic’s spot-kick woes at the other end, with footage of him sticking one away emphatically from 12 yards currently doing the rounds on social media.

“I’ve never been scared to stick my hand up for penalties!” he laughed.

“That one was in a game for City against Roma in one of those pre-season competitions.

“You’d often go to penalties if it was a draw and I’d always put myself forward.

“I’ve taken a couple in the senior game. I took one for Shrewsbury when I was 17 and another one for England in the under-21 Euros.

“I scored that one and hit the bar in the other one – but I scored all the ones I took in pre-season.

“I love that side of the game, but there’s definitely a queue in front of me here.

“Our record could be better. We’ve missed two this season but we won both games, so it didn’t hurt us too much.

“Obviously it’s a great opportunity. The other night it could have out us 2-1 up but we kept our heads to keep going and get the goal.”