When in Rome, do as the Romans do. I guess the same goes for Florence but the heat is just too oppressive for the reds that I normally adore in the UK. Ah well, soave, prosecco and pinot grigio will have to do.

The soaves are much better out here in the heat of Italy than they are in the UK where they often leave a soapy finish to my palate.

Out here, there’s a hint of lemon cream to the finish and just enough acidity to refresh the palate in the tropical conditions.

The proseccos are just lovely chilled to the same temperature as a polar bear’s paw and the tiny but lively bubbles burst in a million wee explosions all over your palate.

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My hat however well and truly comes off for the pinot grigios and to at least one unoaked chardonnay I tried.

With tropical fruit aromas that follow through onto the palate and enough acidity on the finish to strip the paint off your car, they are just the perfect aperitif when the mercury is soaring.

Nellaluna Pinot Grigio

A light almost delicate nose leads into a palate fresh with white peaches, pears and crisp, racy acidity. An ideal patio wine.

Marks &. Spencer £6

Bacioilcielo Fiano 2020

A floral nose with tropical fruits on the palate and crisp minerality. It’s too fruity to describe it as in the chablis style but if you are into that style, you will adore this.

Oddbins £16