I created more than 55 bags for Halloween trick-or-treaters last year. I don’t know how busy it is in your area, but it is very active near where we live. As I am still expected to go door to door with my kids, we fill up more than four buckets, which is an absurd number of sweets. I am one of those parents who prepares a bag of treats and keeps it by the front entrance.

Usually, I add fruit, candy, and crisps and, before I know it, the total is £30-plus. However, I haven’t yet discovered a less expensive alternative to plastic bags and treats, so tell me what do you do and how do you plan for the visiting kids on the night? Meantime, here’s an easy healthy treat you can make with your kids.


The Herald:

What you need:

- Two or more of your favourite yoghurts; I used strawberry and vanilla

- Toppings – melted chocolate, sprinkles, balls, eyes etc.

- Cookie-cutter or scone cutter in a round shape

- Parchment paper and baking tray

- Little hands!


- Line a baking tray with parchment paper

- Have your toppings ready

- Spoon 1tbsp of yoghurt into a round disc, or muffin tray, covering the
whole area

- Decorate with toppings and freeze for 2-4 hours

- Once frozen, store in a food bag and enjoy


Did you know more than 22.2 million pumpkins were wasted last year? Over 25 per cent of people throw them in the bin as food waste. Once Halloween is over, there is plenty you can do with the pumpkin. I love to use all or as much as I can of the pumpkin, so here are three easy recipes you can try.

- Cut off centre point, away from core so slice a third of the way down

- Scrape out the seeds

- Cut into thick wedges

The Herald:

1. Roast Wedges

- Chop the pumpkin into wedges and drizzle with olive oil, season half for the spiced roast wedges 

- Seasoning: 1 tsp of garlic powder, salt, pepper, paprika, chilli flakes, za’atar 

- Coat and mix well and oven roast for 30-40
minutes, or airfry for 20 minutes until golden brown and crispy, rotating halfway through

- Enjoy with my easy herb chimichurri dip (see the recipe on my Instagram posts

2. Puree

- Remove the skin from the roasted unseasoned wedges (with olive oil only); do it while hot as it’s easier to remove 

- Use a masher or add into a blender and blitz away

- Store in the fridge or freeze 

- Add to cakes and hot drinks  

3. Roast Pumpkin Seasoned Seeds

- Wash the seeds from the stringy part: you can simply leave to soak for 10 minutes in hot water and the seeds will float to the top leaving the rest at the bottom

- Boil for 10 minutes to soften the seeds

- Place in a tray and season with olive oil, salt, pepper, garlic and chilli. Roast with the rest of the pumpkin to save on energy 

- You can use any spice you want or make them sweet with cinnamon and sugar

- Bake for 20 minutes, rotating in between. Allow to cool down before storing away

- They make a great topper on soups, salads, cakes, or a simple healthy snack


  • It’s all over my social media feed – have you tried the M&S Hazelnut Crème in a jar dipped with their Dutch shortcake biscuits? If you’re a fan of Kinder Bueno, this is one for you.
  • The Herald:
  • I absolutely love harissa, my favourite is by Odysea as a harissa mezze dip that I use in most of my recipes. If you can’t get your hands on that, give Aldi’s Harissa seasoning a try at just 79p. Add this to your potatoes or pasta and thank me later.
  • The Herald:

Most supermarkets have their Christmas food range in – have you started to buy for your dinner?


With supporting local produce in mind, let me share what’s in season and food products that you might see on offer right now.

Fruits: apples, blackberries, elderberries, pears.

Vegetables: aubergine, beetroot, broccoli, kale, leeks, parsnips, wild mushrooms, winter squash, white cabbage.