Crikey, it's nearly Easter, folks, so we’d better take a look at what to pair with your overpriced egg, after you’ve rolled it down a hill of course.

Cocoa based chocolate ie everything other than white, contains high levels of flavanols just like red wine, so careful pairing is important if you want to avoid a dry claggy feeling on your palate, but it doesn’t need to be complex.

Many Italian reds, Petite Syrah, Muscats and Ruby Port are perfect with milk chocolate eggs, while port and port style wines, PX Sherries and Malbecs tend to pair well with dark chocolate. White chocolate is way easier to pair with wines as there are far less clashes, but keep them light and preferably sweet. Beaujolais, Aussie Merlots, new world pinots and ice wines are cracking partners if you like to dress up as the Milky Bar kid at Easter (if you are under 40, you might need to ask a parent about that one).

All that said, there's one wine style that I've found pairs well with all types of chocolate and it's our old favourite, Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc. Maybe it's just me but why not make life easy for yourself and give it a shot this Easter?

The Herald: A pick for the weekendA pick for the weekend (Image: free)

Bread & Butter Winemakers Selection Pinot Noir, California

A gorgeous example for the price with sweet cherries and raspberries leading the palate and hints of spice on the finish.

Majestic £15.99 per bottle or £10.99 mix six

Marks & Spencer Classic New Zealand Sauvignon

Another corker from Marks, with lashings of tropical fruits and citrus flavours on the palate and enough refreshing acidity to wash away the richest of chocolate eggs.

Marks & Spencer £10