When talk turns to Edinburgh-based pizza institution Civerinos, it’s often only a matter of time before a reference is made to a British GQ article dubbing them one of the ‘coolest places to eat’ in the capital.

It’s an accolade that was earned with their signature ‘slices as big as your heid', thumping playlists of 90s hip-hop classics and a bold, New-York neighbourhood inspired aesthetic.

But, as he prepares to open his first Glasgow location, founder and managing director Michele Civiera says he’d much rather blend in than stand out.

The Herald: Pictured: Michele CivieraPictured: Michele Civiera (Image: supplied)

“I want to avoid the narrative of us coming along to cause disruption or take the shine away from anyone in Glasgow”, he firmly states having just escaped from a series of traffic jams on his journey from one Scottish city to another.

“I mean, f***, I was in Gloriosa last weekend and it was one of the finest meals I’ve ever had.

"I'm delighted that they're going to be our neighbours.

“It’s been a long time coming, and now we’re ready to show up and quietly do what we do best.

“We just want to join the gang.”

When news that the team would be taking over the former home of Le Petit Conchon on Radnor Street was shared with the press last month, a conscious effort was made to name-check local heavyweights like Paesano, Celino's and Errol’s who have for years flamed Glasgow’s ‘love affair’ with pizza.

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The Herald: Pictured: The Radnor Street unitPictured: The Radnor Street unit (Image: newsquest)

There was, however, no hiding the buzz surrounding the imminent arrival of the Edinburgh crew.

Quizzed as to why it’s taken so long to make the move, after first revealing his expansion plans last year, self-confessed ‘hippie’, Michele says it was simply a matter of waiting for fate to intervene.

He continued: “We’ve been waiting for this for a long time, manifesting it hard.

“I was shown this unit last year and fell in love with the location, but someone else took it.

“About four or five weeks ago we found out that the deal had fallen through and the universe gave it back to us.

“Since we announced it in the press a couple of weeks ago the outpouring of support has been quite overwhelming.

“You don’t take these things for granted, and to have this reaction for a little business that we’ve nurtured for seven years in a whole other city?

“It was a very humbling experience.”

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The Herald:

With stars now aligned, the West End eatery is scheduled to open in September offering a similar set-up to their relaxed 'NY Slice Bars' which are dotted across Edinburgh.

Having spent a hefty chunk of our call paying tribute to the work of other Glasgow chefs, Michele’s own passion for food, which was ignited by a trip to America in his 20s, shines through as he details what’s in store.

He said: “One of the t-shirts we sell says 'believe the hype', and we want to make good on that.

“We champion other people in the industry, but what we do is a bit different.

“It’s all about authentic 20-inch, New York-style pizza served by the slice from a small window.

“The idea is that you can just stop by, grab a slice and take it with you to the park or eat it as you walk.

“The unit is very small, with more kitchen space than restaurant, and I’m excited to get in there and show people what we’ve been doing in Edinburgh.”

The Herald:

After confirming ambitious plans to open a further two locations in Glasgow ‘sooner rather than later’, Michele is now recruiting for staff and hopes to use his own experience to inspire others to find the joy in an industry that he has come to love.

He said: “I’ve made a lot of changes as an employer and really looked at our working culture within the last year.

“We’ve got no one on minimum wage and offer overtime as well as support for mental health or financial planning.

“That’s not virtue signalling, it’s just a case of us trying to be the kind of employers that I would have wanted when I was a waiter.

“There’s no need for it to be like the old school days when you were contracted for 45 hours and working 98, then feeling you should say thank you for being taught how to chop onions.

“This isn’t just my journey, it’s shared with everyone at Civerinos and we want to show people how positive it can be to work in the industry.

“I fell into hospitality, but Jesus, it’s rewarding and has given me an amazing life.”

Civerinos is due to open at 9 Radnor Street in Glasgow this September.