We looked at things that were a bit different last week and I decided to continue the theme after trying a couple of wines from a rather unusual urban winery in London, of all places.

London cru started all the way back in 2013 but it only came to my attention last week after a friend sent me a red (Pinot Noir) and a white (Bacchus). Last year, the winery purchased Foxhole vineyard in West Sussex thus creating an established supply line for this rather unique establishment.

Anyway, onto the wines; Bacchus is a curious grape that I've tried several times without great pleasure and I poured this one with no expectation that the earth was going to move for me. Perhaps it was because I expected the whiff of London taxis that I was more than pleasantly surprised at the grapefruit and gooseberry aromas, and the palate didn’t disappoint either. It had all the best bits of a decent Mosel Riesling and a Marlborough Sauvignon so it's definitely one I would spend my own money on.

The Pinot was also lovely, but I had to take a step back and re-examine it after a few sips because, like all pinots, my mind started me off with memories of Geverey Chambertin, but it's definitely no top end Burgundy. That said, it's as good in its own right as many of the decent South African Pinots with crushed raspberry flavours and a decent if not too lengthy finish.

All in all, what a cracking discovery and if they can do it in London, folks, why not Edinburgh?

London Cru Bacchus £21

London Cru Pinot Noir £25