If wine was politics, what would you vote for?

The Lib-Dems would be something like Sancerre; a classic that had its finest, most popular days a century ago but that some folk love to flirt with every now and then.

Labour would be one of those super Tuscans with plenty of promise and lots of early delivery, with the only question mark being over their ability to please in the long term.

The SNP are confused, they would have to be a red burgundy, with plenty of promise but so hooked on being popular that it gets in the way of the flavour.

The Conservatives, meanwhile, would be a claret from an average to poor vintage. The ingredients are there but ultimately it's a tired, weak version.

Reform want nothing more than to be Conservatives, so they would have to be one of the cheaper New World Caret style wines from an unknown vineyard. The basic ingredients are there to be Tory, but the jury is out on the (probably bitter) aftertaste.

So where does that leave us? Ah yes, the Scottish Greens but as they would be non-alcoholic, I won't bother!

Excelsior Merlot, South Africa

What a discovery, with coffee, ripe red fruits and a hint of smoke and that's just the nose.

The Fine Wine Co, Edinburgh, £10.15

Percheron, Chenin/Viogner, South Africa

A delightful wine for the summer with passion fruits on the nose, white peaches and stone fruits on the palate and a crisp refreshing finish.

Wood Vinters, Edinburgh £8.75