A HUGE majority of Brexiteers believe Scotland's independence from the rest of the UK is a price worth paying for leaving the EU, a new poll has revealed.

Some 41% Leave supporters said 'yes' when asked if they thought Scottish independence was a pric worth paying for Brexit. Only 18% said 'no'.

Of the rest 17% said they would be happy for Scotland to leave UK regardless of the circumstances and nearly one in five said they didn't know, according to the YouGov survey.

And 40% of Leavers and Remainers said they thought the UK's exit from the EU would make independence for Scotland more likely, according to the poll for Sky News.

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A YouGov poll in June found that a majority of Tory party members would risk Scotland’s place in the United Kingdom as long as Brexit was delivered.

The survey found that Brexit was the most pressing constitutional matter for Conservatives, with most members claiming they would accept Scotland and Northern Ireland departing the Union if that was the price of the UK's exit from the European Union.

When asked what scenarios they would be prepared to accept as a consequence of Brexit, 63 per cent of respondents agreed with Scottish independence and 59 per cent said Northern Ireland leaving the UK.

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After the latest poll was revealed, Professor Sir Tom Devine, of the University of Edinburgh, said that the English nationalist voice would be most powerful in the debate on Scotland's and the United Kingdom's future.

"It's always been my view that if the union comes to an end, it will come to an end because of either English indifference or hostility," he said. "I think at the moment there's probably more indifference than hostility, but there's little doubt that that is a brand of English nationalism, which is broad. Which in a sense is not really interested on whether Scotland continues in the union or not."