What is it?

A gaming headset with advanced wireless technology.

Good points?

Utilising a 5.8GHz dual-band dongle, the E910 headset all but eliminates interference from devices occupying the same area and competing for bandwidth. This frequency gives a low latency connection and stable sound transmission up to 15 metres (49 feet).

Although the device includes a USB dongle there are no software drivers needed to complete the set up. You simply plug and play to take advantage of the impressive 7.1 virtual surround sound experience.

The Herald: Eksa E910 Wireless Gaming HeadsetEksa E910 Wireless Gaming Headset

Audio is immersive thanks to the powerful built-in magnetic neodymium speaker and 50mm dynamic driver that leans heavy on the bass to cater for high-octane games. Altering the output is easy with the accompanying software which tailors the sound to your tastes.

A neat feature is the one-key switch which allows you to go between 7.1 virtual sound and stereo instantly – a quick way to swap between gaming and music audio without the need for multiple audio devices.

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A dedicated sound recognition microphone identifies ambient noise and transmits that to an elimination chipset that isolates annoying external distractions.

The adjustable headband and thick ear cushions are made from leatherette and memory foam which makes them comfortable to wear, even with glasses.

The Herald: Eksa E910 Wireless Gaming HeadsetEksa E910 Wireless Gaming Headset

Bad points?

The power-hungry technology means the lithium battery is limited to 10 hours.

Best for ...

Those looking for an all-round wireless headset capable of seamless transition from music to playing games on most modern consoles.

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Avoid if ...

You want to keep a low profile in online meetings as the beefy cushions and glowing sides could bring unwanted attention.

Score: 8/10.

Eksa E910 Gaming Headset, £65.99 (eksa.net)