Why is it always red wine with you? That was a message I received last week, so I’ve dedicated most of this week to whites, just for you, Mr Anonymously Unhappy. I guess I am a bit of a red wine tart, but I do love a good white when the right one comes along. Oaky is my preference but through the summer I tasted several rather lovely New Zealand Rieslings and more than the odd Chenin blanc, but give me something French and I’m a happy bunny.

The New World whites are fun and easy on the palate, but when it comes to whites, it takes something special to prise me away from the Old World aisles and the best example of my faith came in the form of a bargain from the Pays d’Oc. It was a Marsanne Viognier blend and you could easily close your eyes and believe this sub-£10 cracker was a post-£20 wine.

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Actually that one (recommended below) was still in my memory three wines later, and one of those was a wonderful Chassange Montrachet at a whopping £45!

Deux Grives Marsanne Viognier, France

I could describe this as a cheap man’s Chablis, but that would take someone away from what is a cracking blend in its own right. A lively nose with plenty of young fruits on the palate and a crisp clean finish. A real corker for the price.
houseoftownend.co.uk £9.99

Shieferkopf Riesling Trocken, France

The nose is like a florist’s shop on a cool day and it leads nicely into a very refreshing mineral palate with hints of citrus. Gorgeous.
vinowines.co.uk £15.60