Motorists in Scotland's largest city are up in arms about plans to pay to park their cars in the evening.  

Glasgow City Council has revealed it intends to extend parking restrictions in the city centre, meaning extra hours will be added onto the current times parking charges apply. 

More than 6,000 people have signed a petition calling for the plan to be scrapped, with those working in the night-time economy saying they will be the worst affected.  

What are the plans?  

At the moment, drivers can currently park their car in metered bays in some parts of the city centre for free after 18:00. 

Under the new plan, charges will be in force across the city's parking zones between 08:00 and 22:00, seven days a week. 

When will the new charges be implemented? 

It has not been confirmed when the change will come into force. 

Why now?  

The local authority is looking for ways to save cash amid a challenging budget.  

Council budget papers, external suggest it will make a saving of £686,000 from the move in 2026/27. 

A spokesman said councillors are trying to find £107m worth of savings from council savings. 

The Herald: Parked cars Parked cars (Image: NQ)

Any other planned changes to parking?  

The papers also outlined plans to increase charges in multi-storey car parks, off-street car parks and on-street parking bays. 

The increased parking restrictions follow the introduction of a low emission zone in Glasgow. 

Drivers whose cars do not meet clean air standards are fined £60 but this doubles ever time the vehicle enters the restricted city centre zone. 

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Is anywhere else in Glasgow facing fresh parking restrictions? 

Glasgow parking charge petition reaches 6,000 within hours

The city has 22 zones with parking restrictions where metered bays are in place and residents have to purchase permits. They are mainly in the centre and west of the city. 

In four of them, the hours are 08:00-22:00, seven days a week. These are mainly in the west end - Hillhead, Woodlands, North Kelvin/Woodside, and Garnethill. 

Parking is charged between 08:00 and 00:00 in Kelvingrove. 

The Herald: The parking charge move follows the introduction of the low emission zone The parking charge move follows the introduction of the low emission zone (Image: NQ)

What has Glasgow City Council said? 

A spokesman told the BBC: “By standardising parking hours across all zones we are aiming to provide the maximum benefit for permit holders seven days a week. 

“We also hope to encourage a shift to more sustainable forms of transport.” 

And what have critics said?  

John Hogg, who launched the petition, said: "This will have a disastrous effect on thousands of low-paid workers working in the night-time economy, clubs, pubs restaurants and theatres." 

He continued: "This is a tax on people going to work. This will add over £7 per shift to workers' outgoings on minimum wage. This is an unjust, uncalled-for stealth tax and should be scrapped. Keep parking free after 6pm, this brings more people into the city. 

"This is a step too far. The council is out of touch with the people of Glasgow. 

"People should not have to pay stealth taxes to go to work. The night-time hospitality sector is still recovering from lockdown, which will add more burden to staff."