Ayr we go

WRITER and producer Mark Millar is one of the most in-demand hotshots in Hollywood, constantly developing high-profile films and TV shows.

Jupiter’s Legacy, his latest series, hits Netflix this Friday, and the Coatbridge-raised mover-and-shaker celebrated in style, like a true movie mogul… by enjoying a day in Ayr with the family.

The weather was freezing and the kids complained piteously while icy rain hammered their faces as they shuddered on the beach.

“But they’ll look back on all this with fond memories,” claims Mark, who also enjoyed a deep-fried pizza and chips at a local café.

Game fella

IT’S a torrid tale of a chap shedding his inhibitions. Though in this case the shedding was more of a barning. Reader John Mulholland found an old set of quoits in a barn, which he dusted down before challenging his wife to a game in the garden. After he’d won three times in a row, the missus was less than impressed when John turned to her and said, “Post-quoital cigarette, darling?”

Vegas Vamooses

ACTOR, comedian and former Glasgow resident Johnny Vegas has revealed that he tackled his own stunts in new TV show Murder, They Hope. As did fellow star Sian Gibson. Though Johnny accepts his limitations. “Sian’s always coming up with things for me to do,” he explains. “Being the committed actor I am, I always say, ‘I think my character would walk off screen…’ just to get back to my trailer.”

Rock on

WE recently mentioned that National Museums Scotland want to exhibit one of the natty waistcoats worn by actor Martin Compston. Reader Ralph Bennett wonders what other fine Scottish artifacts could be displayed. “Perhaps that boulder with a quote from Alex Salmond, which used to sit in the grounds of Heriot-Watt Uni,” he muses. “It could be displayed in an exhibition about political bombast and hubris.”

Wistful… when?

“I HAVEN’T felt nostalgic in ages,” sighs reader Emma Hanley.

The Jed set

CRIME doesn’t pay. Unless it’s crime on a successful TV show. Stevie Campbell from Hamilton has a chum who works at Glasgow Airport. This chap claims that filming is under way in the airport shop. Apparently this is because Jed Mercurio has written a new crime drama involving cross-border smuggling of wine, spirits and cigarettes.

“The new series is called Line of Duty Free,” says Stevie.

Morning massacre

A PHILOSOPHICAL thought from reader Russell Smith. “The early bird catches the worm,” he says. “But is it the early worm that gets caught?”

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