A Glasgow restaurant is understood to have closed just days after vowing to introduce a new 'fair tips' policy.

On Tuesday, The Herald reported that Unite Hospitality had published a post that had allegedly been sent from a member of senior management to staff at Oscar Bar and Kitchen in the city's Southside. 

The message laid out a new 'scheme' which would see workers fined up to a week's worth of tips if they 'failed to clean the microwave' or 'left a spoon in a tub'.

Further penalties included a £2 deduction for making senior management 'constantly have to repeat themselves' or £5 for 'failure to go through fridges' at the end of each shift.


Unite Hospitality publicly condemned the proposed tip scheme as "morally reprehensible", and warned that such measures would soon fall foul of the new Employment (Allocation of Tips) Act 2023. 

The owner of Oscar Bar and Kitchen later responded with a statement referring to the tips scheme post as "completely unnaceptable" and promised that a new policy would see staff receive 100% of their tips.

The statement read: "We would like to distance ourselves entirely from the post that was sent to workers by a senior management entitled "Tips Scheme".

"It was ill-informed and completely unacceptable.

"Our workforce are incredibly important to us and, as such, we have decided to adopt a new fair tips policy which will ensure that 100% of our all tips go directly to the workers who provide the great service our customers have come to expect.

"Not a penny of these tips will go to management and they will be shared fairly among all other workers according to the hours that they work."

The Herald:

Without any further statements or social media updates, this morning advertisements for a new restaurant named That's Fritto have been displayed in the windows of the Kilmarnock Road unit.

The posters state that the business will be run under new management and feature a QR code directing mobile phone users to the That's Fritto Instagram profile.

The Herald:

The page states the restaurant is "coming soon" with plans to bring "authentic Southern Italian flavours" to Shawlands.

Oscar Bar and Kitchen has been contacted for comment.