Forever young

A NEW series of Sex and the City is to be broadcast in December. The original version of the TV show, about a gaggle of glam gal pals living it up in New York, was famous for its raunchy storylines, though the last season was shown way back in 2004.

“Even though the cast are much older, I’m sure it will be just as racy,” predicts reader Jane Barker. “And there will probably be a new catchphrase: ‘Time to hit those nightclubs! Just let me grab my Zimmer frame and hearing aid…’”

Cornering the market

ANOTHER tale from the Big Apple, though this one isn’t quite so torrid. Well-travelled Eric Taylor recalls showing photographs to his young grandson, James, of an occasion when he had visited Brooklyn.

James was surprised to see in the background of one image a neighbourhood corner shop.

“I thought New York was too cool for corner shops,” said the little chap.

Eric replied: “Well, New York has plenty of corners. Plus a few shops, too. It would be a missed opportunity not to combine them both.”

His grandson seemed satisfied with this answer.

Colourful comment

WE recently decided that an appropriate name to be emblazoned across a van delivering wine would be Van Rouge.

Reader Hugh Clark says: “Does this mean all the white unmarked ones running around should be called Van Blanc?”

Mind your language

IT’S that time of year when the Oxford English Dictionary reveals the list of modern words it has added to its increasingly weighty tome. Many of this year’s choices are loanwords borrowed from the Korean language.

Reader Phil Edwards believes that dictionary compilers should instead introduce more examples of the Scottish lingo.

“You can’t call it a proper dictionary if it doesn’t include the word ‘hingmy’,” he says.

Winging it

WE recently revealed that scientists believe they can bring woolly mammoths back from extinction. This leads reader Ian Gray from Croftamie to ask whether architects will need to design bigger rooms to contain the mighty beasts.

The Diary thinks not.

If mammoths are kept as pets, they can always live in the garden, housed inside slightly modified birdhouses.

Task time

FORWARD-THINKING reader Mandy Bourke says: “I find it helps to organise my chores into categories. So that’s… 1) Things I won’t do now. 2) Things I won’t do later. 3) Things I’ll never do.”

Taking the plunge

“IF at first you don’t succeed,” says reader Barry Walker, “skydiving is probably not for you.”

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