Top ‘tec

SUE Gray did an adequate though infuriatingly-vague job of reporting on lockdown revelries in Number 10 Downing Street.

Iain Mills from Largs believes her sister, May, would have been better suited to the role.

“She's renowned for investigating crimes and identifying culprits," he points out.

Road to ruins

PERUSING a recent Herald, Campbell Fullarton from Kilmarnock was reassured to note that Dr David Mitchell, the Director of Conservation at Historic Environment Scotland, has a real grasp of the pertinent issues, as illustrated by his description of Lochmaben Castle, which underwent consolidation work on its walls, which are crumbling.

“It’s a cracking little site,” said Dr Mitchell.

Religious affairs

THE name game, continued. In the mid-seventies Barrie Crawford taught in East Kilbride’s Hunter High (the alma mater of Ally McCoist and Blythe Duff).

“I think we had the most ecumenical staff in the country,” says Barrie. “Among the teachers were Miss Pope, Mr Bishop, Mr Elder and Mr Kirk."

Brought to book

PRIME Ministers don’t last for ever, even those as glorious as Boris Johnson. With this in mind, reader David Donaldson notes that there will come a time when Boris's wife will be searching for new ways to exploit her invaluable Downing Street experience. A book deal seems likely, and David suggests for the title… Carrie On Catering.

Digging the 60s

SLIPPERY song lyrics, continued. Christopher Ide from East Renfrewshire was a teenager of the 1960s, which resulted in his ears constantly being assaulted by the strange sounds emitted by wild packs of roving men with names like The Beatles and The Rolling Stones.

He also recalls another tribe of troubadours by the name of Manfred Mann, who were often to be found warbling a certain song.

Christopher was puzzled by the lyrics, which began: "There she was, just a-walking down the street, singing ‘Do Wah Diddy Diddy Dum Diddy Do,' snapping her fingers and shovelling her feet..."

Says Christopher: “It was some time before a friend explained to me that the girl in question was… shuffling her feet.”

(Though what all that Do Wah Diddy Diddy Dumming was all about no one has yet managed to figure out.)

Memory aid

WE’RE improving the English Dictionary by supplying definitions that don’t currently appear in it.

Richard Davis from Vienna suggests: Hingmay – Term used to describe people or events long forgotten.

Foody fella

PROUD reader Jeff Roach has become a big hit on a vegan dating app. “The ladies love my great sense of hummus,” explains Jeff.

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