Donald Trump

Donald Trump and Mike Pence

'I shot the family dog': Trump's parade of grotesques for VP
Mike Pence had the worst job in the world and he’s got the cratered career to prove it. Vice-president to President Donald Trump for four soul-sucking, pride-swallowing years. The hospital pass to end all hospital passes. (Almost) literally. Famously, his term in office ended with him hiding in the basement of the US Congress while Trump’s loyal followers roamed the building on January 6, 2021, with malicious intent, chanting “Hang Mike Pence”. “He deserves it,’’ Trump reportedly responded when told of the danger his Presidential deputy found himself in that day. The 45th President would rather eat an endive salad than apologise so, naturally, his attitude towards his former vice-president (and former loyal friend) has only hardened in the years since. Traitor, loser, coward, liar, delusional - pick an insult, Trump has thrown it in Pence’s direction, like so much rotten fruit.