Gary Lineker

Gary Lineker captains the BBC's Euro 2024 coverage

Gary Lineker is the Jimmy Hill for a new generation of Scotland fans
How are you bearing up under the strain of the wall-to-wall football coverage? My favourite pundit so far is Roy Keane for ITV1, who comes across like a resting Tasmanian devil (cartoon version). While perfectly calm and well-behaved for the most part, you fear that any minute he could kick off and it will be carnage. I cannot wait. Meanwhile, on the BBC (best backdrop by far), Gary Lineker was doing his best to be this generation’s Jimmy Hill. After watching an interview with the Scotland manager after the Germany gubbing, the programme cut back to the studio where Lineker deadpanned: “Well, you got enough of Steve Clarke's energy and enthusiasm there, haven't you?” Stick to the day job flogging Next T-shirts and crisps, Gaz.